The People & Businesses A Jims Mobile Café Franchise Serves

With a Jim’s Mobile Café Franchise you’ll be able to serve and supply a wide variety of people, businesses, corporates, schools and others with premium hot and cold coffee beverages, frappes, coffee cakes & muffins, salads, snacks and more.

Being 100% mobile is also a big benefit as you can visit more than one venue in one day. It also means your operating profit and income potential is only limited by you. For example, if you were to visit 20+ businesses, sold 100 cups each day and serviced one event per week you would make an operating profit of around $75,000.

Some Of The People, Places And Businesses You Can Sell Coffee To…



Selling coffee at school fetes and events


Setting up and selling coffee daily at corporate premises or all day events


Calling in daily to sell fresh hot coffee in industrial estates in your local area.

Sporting Events

Catering and selling coffee and snacks at football, cricket and other sporting events

Parties & Celebrations

Sell coffee at wedding anniversary’s, 21st birthday parties and more!

Popular Tourist Sites

Being seen and selling coffee at popular locations in your local area such as beaches, parks or other popular venues.

Business & Trade Show Events

Selling coffee and snacks outside local business networking and trade show events

Local Music Festivals, Markets

Attending local musical events, concerts and festivals

Discover Us

At the Jim’s group we know you have lot of coffee franchises to choose from. We also know it’s easy to be confused about all the choice and know from first hand experience that many of the coffee franchises you’ll see or buy today will not be around this time next year.But not a Jim’s Franchise. The Jim’s group is Australia’s most successful, recognised and innovative franchise companies with a proven track record of success for its franchisees since 1989 so we’re here to stay.

If you’re ready to discover more about how you can turn your passion for coffee into freedom and profit with your own Jim’s Mobile Café franchise please book today by calling us on131 546 or completing the online form.